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Terms and Conditions

§1 Introductory Provisions

  1. 4coins.pl, hereinafter referred to as the Service is owned by 12M Limited Liability Company, which is located at ul. Joseph Kustronia 51 in Cracow and was entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under the number KRS 0000335858.
  2. All trademarks, including logos and other markings shown on the site are the registered or unregistered trademarks of 12M limited liability company and its trading partners.
  3. These Regulations specify the rules for the provision of electronic services by 4coins.pl and rules for the use of the Service by Users.
  4. Before you use the resources and services provided by 4coins.pl, please refer to the following terms. If you do not agree with all of his guidelines, you should stop further action and leave the website.
  5. Condition of using 4coins.pl is tantamount to acceptance Regulations and a commitment to compliance with the conditions that were laid down therein.


§2 Rights and obligations of 4coins.pl

  1. 4coins.pl offers electronically supplied services that rely on mediation and support the purchasing and selling process units of shares in distributed systems of accounting, based on cryptography BTC – bitcoin.
  2. BTC, called bitcoin is not a financial instrument or an electronic payment instrument within the meaning of universally binding law. 4coins.pl not expected to lead business, which is regulated by the Act of 29 July 2005 on Trading in Financial Instruments (Journal. Laws No. 183, item. 1,538 and Journal. Laws No. 211, item. 1384, ie. Dated 8 October 2010 Journal. Laws No. 211, item. 1384).
  3. The activities of the Service is solely and exclusively on providing the possibility of associating users with offers available on the market BTC aim to conclude their transactions BTC – bitcoin in the form of purchase.
  4. Service does not guarantee a profit on the difference of exchange rate change BTC – bitcoin.
  5. 4coins.pl makes every effort to ensure the uninterrupted operation of services provided.
  6. Service processes the user’s data in the form: first name, last name, e-mail address and IP address of the computer to ensure the proper provision of electronic services and meet all the requirements of thanks, which put the provisions of European law relating to AML / CFT, or combating money laundering and terrorist financing prevention (Journal of Laws No. 116, item. 1216, consolidated text of 16 March 2010., Journal of Laws No. 46, item. 276). AML Policy
  7. The above mentioned data are protected and not shared with third parties. The exception is the situation here, however, in which the user makes a crime. Then, upon receipt of a final order, 4coins.pl be entitled to transfer its data to law enforcement agencies involved in law enforcement.
  8. This site is not responsible for the actions and the data indicated by Users, including, among others, for offenses committed by them.
  9. Service makes every effort to make the quickest of the services, which are described in detail in § 4, and security BTC – bitcoin stored on the accounts of users against access by third parties or their loss. Also makes sure that the software used by 4coins.pl was devoid of defects and errors.
  10. 4coins.pl not responsible for any possible loss of BTC – bitcoin by the user when such a situation arises from factors beyond the site does not have any effect. These include hardware failure, system errors BTC – bitcoin, as well as negligence of third parties unrelated to 4coins.pl.
  11. The Service reserves the right to verify the User’s identity through a common, lawful procedures, eg. querying the provider payment platform.


§3 Rights and obligations of the User

  1. Service User is any person who shall purchase or sell orders BTC – bitcoin and uses its services.
  2. By using the services of the Service, you represent that the information provided by you is accurate. User is allowed to have only one account.
  3. Participation in 4coins.pl requires registration and creation of a profile on the portal. The user authenticates each time by entering his address-email, which receives a message with automatically generated link, so he will be able to proceed with the payment.
  4. The user enters into a contract with a portal for providing the service, the guidelines are presented in § 4, at the time of confirmation of payment through online payment provider Dotpay or doing it by authorization proces in case of selling bitcoin – BTC.
  5. In case of absence of the service, which is described in § 4, Service returns to user amount denominated in PLN or BTC within 3 working days.
  6. User is obliged to protect and not to disclose to third parties his access data to an email account or other means of communication, through which it receives messages related to the operation of 4coins.pl. This site is not responsible for the loss of BTC – bitcoin when user fails to matters relating to the protection of their data access, and in the event of damage with a third party as a result of this negligence, the remedy is obliged to User.
  7. User may not, without the consent of 4coins.pl distribute or copy the content of this page. This also applies to creating websites with similar graphic design or layout of pages to 4coins.pl.
  8. You may not conduct activities aimed at generating the impression that the service is working or authorizes the operation of any other website belonging to the User or any third party.
  9. User using the Service is committed to using its resources in good faith. If it detects an error or a gap in the system, you should immediately report this fact to use 4coins.pl. Using the User gaps or errors in the operation of the Website may constitute a violation of these Rules, may result in blocking of your account and removing the appropriate legal consequences.


§4 Terms and Conditions of Service

  1. The Service uses the services of online payment provider Dotpay S.A., whose office is located at ul. Wielicka 72, 30-552 Cracow, Poland.
  2. Using the 4coins.pl via online payment provider user transfer funds to the 4coins.pl’s account in PLN currency. The amount received by the Service is reduced by 1.9 % of its value as a commission charged by the online payment provider.
  3. Service under an order for the total service credited to the account searches offers on the market BTC – bitcoin and mediates on the principle of matching user with the available range of offers.
  4. Due to the nature of the market BTC website does not guarantee the execution of transactions on the presented course. Given course is presented only in the form of information.
  5. After the service, the user will be informed about the parameters of the transaction, and may order the withdraw of their units BTC – bitcoin.
  6. Cash and cash equivalents denominated in PLN and paid by you under the service contract shall remain the exclusive use of the User. This means that 4coins.pl not dispose of the funds collected by the Users and his actions do not go beyond the order of services submitted by users.


§5 Affiliate program

  1. Affiliate Program User – anyone with a dedicated account in the Service who has accepted the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. Reffered User – Service User reffered (Refferal) by Affiliate Program User.
  3. Commision – specific to the Affilitate Program User percentage of the transactions constituting his salary.
  4. Affiliate Program User receives remuneration expressed in BTC in value equal to the base salaries of each transaction made by Refferals, which entered the page using the specified url for the user-defined Affiliate Program.
  5. Affiliate Program User receives remuneration only for fully realized transactions, transactions unfinished / withdrawn will not be charged.
  6. Wage payment is possible at any time.
  7. The service reserve the right to refuse payment of funds in the event of a breach by the User Affiliate Program following the rules.
  8. Affiliate Program User is obliged to settle earned income in accordance with applicable law.
  9. All costs, including applicable taxes resulting from the settlement of revenues’s Affiliate Program are on his side.
  10. It is prohibited to use the action referred to as SPAM (http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam) for the purposes of the Affiliate Program.


§6 Privacy policy and cookies

  1. Service will not transfer User’s personal data to any third parties without his written approval. Only in the case of a crime committed by a particular user, namely the violation of rights broadly understood, 4coins.pl may transfer its data to law enforcement authorities.
  2. Privacy Policy shall not be reffered to partners who cooperate with the portal.
  3. The site uses cookies (ie. Cookies), which are sent by the 4coins.pl server to the user’s computer. These small pieces of information stored by the browser, allowing portals remember user preferences.
  4. Cookies in no way identify users data, or do not affect the hardware or software used by them.
  5. Each User can manage their cookies files in his browser settings. If he do not wish to receive these little text information, it may turn them off. However, 4coins.pl declares that disabling cookies required for authentication, security or maintenance of user preferences, can greatly hinder the use of the Service – in extreme cases may even prevent the use of its resources.
  6. All network users should refer to the detailed information about cookies, which are always available in the “Help” menu in the web browser.


§7 Final Provisions

  1. The above rules shall be the sole basis for regulating the operation of the Service.
  2. For disputes that have arisen as a result of actions of third parties 4coins.pl does not assume any responsibility.
  3. Use of the website are only those who accept its rules.
  4. Regulations come into force on 21.04.2014 r., The 4coins.pl reserves the modifications to it in the future without notice of that fact to all entities associated with the Service.
  5. In matters not regulated herein, the provisions of Polish law apply.
  6. Ignorance of the regulations of the Service does not release its compliance and accountability for actions inconsistent with those described in the guidelines.