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Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

§1. Introductory Provisions

  1. hereinafter referred to as the Website, is the property of 12M Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership, which is located at ul. Joseph Kustronia 51 in Cracow and was entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under the number KRS 0000687801.
  2. All trademarks, including logos and other markings shown on the website are the registered or unregistered trademarks of 12M limited liability company Limited Partnership, and also its trading partners.
  3. These Terms and Conditions specify the rules of the provision of electronic services by and rules of the use of the Website by Users.
  4. Before using the resources and services provided by, please refer to the terms and conditions below. Should you not agree with all of the guidelines provided herein below, you should immediately stop all actions and leave the website.
  5. Using is tantamount to the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and an obligation to comply with the conditions laid down herein.


§2. Rights and obligations of

  1. offers services provided by electronic means (electronically supplied services) that rely on mediation and support for the purchase and sales process of unit shares in the distributed accounting systems, based on the BTC – Bitcoin and BCC – Bitcoin Cash cryptography.
  2. BTC or BCC, referred to as bitcoin, is not a financial instrument or an electronic payment instrument within the meaning of universally applicable law. Therefore, does not conduct business, which is regulated by the Act of 29 July 2005, on Trading in Financial Instruments (Journal of Laws No. 183, item 1538 and Journal of Laws No. 211, item 1384,
    i.e. dated 8 October 2010, Journal of Laws No. 211, item 1384).
  3. The activities of the Website is solely and exclusively based on providing the possibility of associating Users with offers available on the BTC or BCC market in order to conclude their BTC – Bitcoin and BCC – Bitcoin Cash transactions – bitcoin in the form of safe and purchase funds.
  4. The Website does not guarantee a profit on the difference of the BTC or BCC – bitcoin exchange rate.
  5. makes every effort to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Website.
  6. The Website processes the following Users’ data: first name, last name, e-mail address and IP address of the computer, to ensure the proper provision of electronic services and, thanks to that, to meet all the requirements set forth in the provisions of European law relating to AML/CFT or combating money laundering and prevention of financing terrorism (Journal of Laws 2018 position 723, consolidated text of 1 March 2018). AML Policy
  7. The above-mentioned data are protected and not shared with third parties. The exception is the situation in which a User commits a crime. Then, upon the receipt of a bid order, is entitled to transfer the User’s data to law enforcement agencies.
  8. The Website is not responsible for the actions and the data provided by Users, including, among others, for offences commmitted by them.
  9. The Website makes every effort to provide the services which are described in detail in §4, as soon as possible, and to ensure the security of BTC or BCC – bitcoin stored on the accounts of Users against access by third parties of their loss. It also makes sure that the software used by is free of defects and errors.
  10. is not responsible for any possible loss of BTC or BCC – bitcoin by the User when such a situation arises from factors the Website has no influence over. These include hardware failure, BTC or BCC – bitcoin system errors as well as the negligence of third parties unrelated to
  11. The Website reserves the right to verify the User’s identity by means of using common, lawful procedures, e.g. requesting the User to send the scan of their identification document, or querying the provider’s payment platform in order to verify the conducted transaction.
  12. The Website reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to certain functionalities for the User who has exceeded the transaction limits on the Website until the User’s 4coins account has been verified.
  13. Should it occur that the Website is forced to conduct additional verification of the payment received from User, reserves the right to withhold the payment of the BTC or BCC – bitcoin funds to the User.


§3. Rights and obligations of the User

  1. The Website User is any person who places an order for the purchase or sale of BTC or BCC – bitcoin and uses other services of the Website.
  2. By using the services of the Website, the User represents that the information he provides is accurate. The User is allowed to have only one account.
  3. The User may have a non-verified account on the Website.
  4. The Website’s User is obliged to conduct the verification of his account on the Website in the event the transaction limits have been exceeded.
  5. Participation in requires registration and setting up a profile on the Website. The User is authorized each time by entering their e-mail address, on which a message with an automatically-generated link is sent, allowing them to continue the payment procedure.
  6. The User enters into a service provision contract with the Website; the guidelines of which were presented in §4, upon confirming the payment completion by the Dotpay payment operator or authorizing the operation in case of selling the BTC – Bitcoin or BCC – Bitcoin Cash funds.
  7. Should it be impossible to provide the service described in §4 due to the fault of the Website, the Website returns the User the funds expressed in PLN, BTC or BCC within 3 business days.
  8. The User is obliged to protect and refrain from disclosing to third persons their personal data concerning access to their e-mail account, or other means of communication used to receive messages connected with the activity of The Website is not responsible for the loss of BTC – bitcoins or BCC – Bitcoin Cash if the User neglects the security of their access data. Should damage occur to a third person resulting from such an act of negligence, the User is obliged to compensate it.
  9. The User may not, without the consent of the Website, distribute or copy the site’s contents. This provisions is also applicable to creating a website having a design or layout similar to that of
  10. The User may not conduct activities aiming at creating a false impression that the Website cooperates with or authorizes the functioning of any other website being the property of the User or a third person.
  11. The User of the Website undertakes to use its resources in good faith. Should a User discover an error or gap in the system, this fact should be immediately reported to the staff of Taking adventage of gaps or errors in the functioning of the System by the User is tantamount to breaking these Terms and Conditions, and may result in blocking their account and taking appropriate legal steps against them.


§4. Terms and Conditions of Website

  1. The Website uses the services of the online payment provider Dotpay S.A., whose office is located at ul. Wielicka 72, 30-552 Cracow, Poland.
  2. The User of via the online payment provider acting as an intermediary sends the funds in PLN to the Website’s account. The amount received by the Website is reduced by the operator’s commission mentioned in point 1. The amount of the commission is 1.6% of the amount paid, not less than PLN 0.30 in case of “Instant Transfers” and “Purses and Vouchers”. Respectively, 0.45% of the paid amount (however, by no less than PLN 0.30) is charged in case of “Online Transfers” or “Standard Transfer”.
  3. The Website reserves the right to reduce the paid-out amount in BTC by a network charge subject to the reservation that it may not exceed the value of 0.0003 BTC or 0.0001 BCC for a single completed purchase transaction.
  4. As part of processing the order, the Website finds sales or purchase offers in the BTC – bitcoin market and acts as an intermediary in terms of connecting the User with the available reverse offer. Those services are included in the price of transferring the total amount into the account of the Website, expressed in PLN or BTC, and reduced by the above-mentioned charges.
  5. Due to the specific character of the BTC and BCC market, the Website does not guarantee that the transaction will be provided for the displayed exchange rate. The displayed exchange rate is solely for the information of the User.
  6. After performing the service, the User will be notified of the transaction parameters, and then they may commission payout of their BTC – bitcoin funds, PLN funds are paid out by using a standard wire transfer to the PLN account indicated by the customer. This transaction is charged the amount of PLN 1.5.
  7. Funds expressed in PLN or BTC paid out by the User as part of service commissioned remain at their sole disposal. That means that does not manage the funds accumulated by Users and that its actions are confined to performing the services ordered by Users.
  8. Funds in PLN are paid out by the company: Payment Technology sp. z o.o., located at: Al. Grunwaldzka 411 80-309 Gdańsk.
  9. A single payout cost of funds in PLN via an ATM, i.e. using the option of BTC or BCC sale referred to as an “ATM payout”, amounts to PLN 8.50. The sum equivalent to this amount (calculated on the basis of BTC or BCC sales rate) is collected from the BTC or BCC funds of the User during the performance of the service.
  10. If funds are paid out in PLN via an ATM, i.e. using the BTC sales option “ATM payout”, the User has 48 hours to collect the funds from an ATM. After that time, the text message code expires, and it may be renewed upon payment of PLN 8.50, which is collected from the Bitcoin account of the User. It is also possible to purchase Bitcoins or Bitcoin Cash with a reduced commission for PLN amounts to be paid out via an ATM.


§5. Privacy policy and cookies

  1. The Website will not provide the Users’ personal data to any third parties or sell them. Only if it suspects that a specific User has committed a crime or misdemeanor, meaning the violation of broadly-understood law, may transfer his data to law enforcement authorities.
  2. The Privacy Policy shall not be applicable to partners who cooperate with the portal.
  3. The site uses cookies which are sent by the server to the User’s computer. These small pieces of text information are saved by the browser, allowing portals to remember User preferences.
  4. In no way do cookies identify the User’s data; nor do they affect the hardware or software used by them.
  5. Every User can manage their cookies files in their browser settings. If they do not wish to receive these little text messages, they may be turned off. However, declares that disabling cookies required for authentication, security or maintenance of user preferences, can greatly hinder the use of the Website – in extreme cases, it may even prevent the use of its resources.
  6. All network Users should refer to the detailed information about cookies, which is always available in the “Help” menu in the web browser.


§6. Final Provisions

  1. The above rules shall be the sole basis for regulating the operation of the Website.
  2. does not assume responsibility for disputes that have arisen as a result of the actions of third parties.
  3. The Website may only be used by persons who accept its rules.
  4. The regulations come into force on 21.04.2014, whereas reserves the right to make modifications to it in the future without having to notify all the entities associated with the Website of that fact.
  5. Matters not regulated herein are governed by the provisions of Polish law.
  6. Not being familiar with the regulations of the Website does not release the User of the duty to comply with them as well as accountability for actions inconsistent with those guidelines.